Sibling Sunday

Steve and I went on a sibling date last Sunday, just the two of us.  We started out very classy, very academic, at the funky coffee shop/bookstore in Greenville.  We got our chai tea lattes and hung out in the comfy chairs right next to "Fascinating Memoirs." As it happens, we spotted a familiar spine on the third shelf -- Aunt Peg's book, published way back in '93 I believe. 

We flipped through, reading anecdotes from our family life a decade and more ago.  Then the coffee lady kicked us out (closing time), so we slid the family anecdotes back where they came from.

With the classy, academic place closed, Steve and I went down the street to Sup Dogs.  Yep, you read it.  Sup Dogs.  Like that joke Uncle Steve and Isaac can't stop telling:
Uncle Steve says, "It smells like updog in here."
Isaac says, "What's updog?"
Uncle Steve says, "Not much, what's up with you?"

And it did smell like updog in there:

In addition to the dogs, the menu also had other strange fair with odd-disgusting-delicious potential.  Like Taco Tots (imagine tacos with tater tots instead of corn tortillas) and Jalapeno Fried Dill Pickles:

Tofu Pup and Slaw Dog:

Afterward, despite our rumbly dog-filled tummies, we stopped at the park to play a little catch.  Steve's got a stinging overhand and his long throw isn't catchable (by me). 
My knuckleball kicks his knuckleball's ass though.

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