Batty Update

It's past time for a Batty update.  Here's what things looked like two weeks ago.

Today, things are still scabby, but continuing to heal.  Batty's new feathers are coming in, she's eating like a pig, and even though I haven't weighed her, it feels like she is packing on the pounds.  It is taking longer than I thought it would for the wound to heal, but there haven't been any setbacks, so I'm not going to complain. 

Today we hit a big milestone, Batty's first post-dogbite egg:

And after spending a few hours in the yard with her sisters today she didn't want to come back inside, not even for her nightly treat of sliced fresh strawberries.  Even though I'm not supposed to let her stay in the coop until the scab is gone, I decided to allow the slumber party.  I think Batty's fed up with being my patient and wants to just be a chicken again. 


Big Guy

Dear Jubee,

Teething and crawling and pulling up,
oh my!  If I drive to Greenville with three kisses and a hug (just for you), will you show me all of your new tricks? 

A. Rae


Calm After Storm

Isaac isn't afraid of storms.  The flicker-flash lightening is not spooky, the crashing thunder is not startling.  And the pounding downpour?  Not worth a second thought.  Don't get me wrong, he's got his things.  But thunderstorms, not one of them.  So, I didn't think twice about the pre-summer storm that had just begun to gust as I tucked him in this evening.  I shifted my tuner to my nightime business and got busy with my chores.  Then was surprised at some point to catch the sound of sobs from the upper regions of his bunk bed. 

"Isaac are you crying?"
"Yeeeeeeeeeeees." (hiccup, sob)
"But why?  It's just a thunder storm."
"But they don't know that!" (wail, sob)
"The chickens! Chickens don't know anything!" (sob, sob, sob)

And then there were more sobs.  So, out we went in the rain and rumbles to check on the chickies.  Isaac shined his giant Mag light in on the snoozers, who cooed out at him curiously.  We both recognized the looks we got from those girls, "Eh? Treats?!?"  What a relief.  It turns out that chickens aren't afraid of storms either. 

Back to bed and snoozing now.  Still stormish outside but all is calm in here.


More Spring Skies

From my backyard. Something new and pretty every day.