Both Kinds of News

Good news first.
Batty is walking more.  And eating more.  And she has started to drink.
She went outside today and enjoyed a grassy snack. 
Her sisters paid her a visit.

Her dog paid her a visit.

Her cat paid her a visit.

Everybody was very polite to Batty.  They told her how pretty she looked in the sunshine and ignored the big yucky thing on her back.

Now the bad news.
The Evil Hungry Stray was back today. 
 I chased him off before he could do any damage.
I think he saw the murderous gleam in my eyes.
Then I spent two hours reinforcing the coop.

Also, the yucky thing on Batty's back has a foul odor.
We're going back to the vet tomorrow.
Wish us luck.

1 comment:

  1. Big Bad Batty! Ed, Ingrid and Eno are all rooting for you. Show us what you're made of!