Chinese Medicine at the Vet's Office

Despite being on some pretty strong antibiotics, Batty wasn't doing so hot a couple of days ago.  To be blunt, she smelled like rot and probably felt worse than she smelled.  Tuesday morning I took her in to the Exotic Animal Doc and they cleaned up the infection, which went way deeper than it looked.  When they were done, the situation looked pretty dire and we began to talk about euthanasia.  Doc Exotic gave her 50/50 odds, but sent me home with a second antibiotic and a new herbal poultice to try.  I wasn't too hopeful, but two days later, Batty is feistier, more active, and the wound has completely dried up and appears to be shrinking.  Also, she has started pecking Tiny Dog again.  That's got to be a good sign.

The herbal stuff is blowing my mind. It's called "Golden Yellow" and stains like a mother. And it smells disturbingly like curry. I know it has a lot of turmeric in it, but I'm unsure of the other ingredients. I googled the heck out of it, but only found ingredients listed in Chinese. Apparently the recipe is a closely guarded secret. I did find story after tale after anecdote of the success people have had using this stuff on the most hideous of open wounds. Dogs with disgusting tumors that disappear and horses with gross facial boils that recover completely. All of the stories have to do with pets though. Seems like maybe humans might want to give this stuff a try, too, right?

So, I'm optimistic.  We'll see what Doc Exotic says tomorrow.  Give us all the love you've got.  We need it!

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