Poetry Slam

Isaac and his classmates at Montessori Children's House of Durham have been preparing for months for their Poetry Slam.  Each child chose poems to memorize and recite for a gathering of fellow students, staff and parents.  As a first exercise in public speaking, it was a very positive one.  Isaac's face glowed with pride when it was all over. 

Isaac's teacher, Johanna, was there to support the children, prompting them discretely should they forget a line. It was obvious to me how much the children trust Johanna, and how much she believes in them. 

The children turned their classroom into a coffee house by laying out snazzy table cloths, draping strings of white lights around the room, lighting tiny tea lights on every table, and preparing snacks.

I had a wonderful time.

You can listen to Isaac's recite two very charming poems here, if you'd like:

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