Triangle Aikido shares the dojo

This morning the Greensboro dojo joined us in Durham for our first Kids' Seminar. 
Thank you, Lisa Sensai!

One little Greensboro girl decided she was going to be Isaac's partner, not knowing, of course, that his top three fears in life are 1. girls, 2. talking to girls, and 3. touching girls.  Their partnership began with Greensboro Girl casually saying, "Needapartner?" Isaac casually replied, "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh."  And then he promptly threw her to the mat.  Yep, my boy's got game.  Check them out:

He also got a chance to throw Lisa Sensai a time or two. Always a good time.

Got loved on by Hamilton, his hero.

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