Morning Choices

Yesterday Isaac had to make a very tough decision: go to the zoo with his great friend Linden OR go to Carol's House to be baby-sat by Carol's seventeen year old son Tanner.  Isaac told me he wanted to talk it out (a new phrase of his that I am determined to take seriously - no grinning during the talk-out!). Here's a quick summary of what was talked (ab)out.

On the one hand the zoo is a place of big fun and Linden is a person of big fun.  Not only that, but Linden's dad was planning on acting as chaperone, and I hear that he at least has some moderate fun going for him as well.  Also, the zoo usually means JUNK FOOD! and POCKET MONEY! Yeah!

On the other hand is playing with Tanner at Carol's House.  Tanner and Carol, while happy to have him, both requested that I make clear to Isaac the many ways in which his party may be pooped should he decide to go their route.  1. There are daycare babies there.  Napping babies who need a lot of quiet time.  Napping babies who may cramp an 8 year old's style. 2. Tanner had a class to attend for 3 of the 8 hours Isaac was hoping to spend with him.  During that time Carol would sub, but her Star Wars skills have gotten a little rusty over time. 3. Distinct absence of junk food. 4. Likewise, no pocket money.

In the end, Isaac decided on Tanner, reasoning that a kid could go to the zoo any day while spending time with Tanner was an opportunity never to be passed up.  Such is the power Tanner wields over 8 year olds.

And now Isaac is spoiled for all else.  He loves school.  He really does.  But just look at that face this morning when he had to go to school (which, have I mentioned, he loves) instead of going to hang out with napping babies and play with toddler toys at Carol's House:

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