Crafting on a Cold Morning

A couple of months ago I treated myself to a beautiful little Sony Vaio.  Such a pretty little laptop.  The Best Buy Guy tried to sell me a laptop bag at the same time,but I couldn't stomach putting my new baby in any of the frumpy bags they had in stock.  So I made my own.  What do you think about this little beauty?

I could have finished this baby up last night, but decided instead to use it to entice myself out of bed this morning.  It worked!  I used a pattern from this book, which definitely delivers on the promised cuteness:

The outside fabric is a sweet Heather Ross puppy print and the inner fabric is a coordinating Amy Butler.  I purchased both from an Etsy supplier with fantasies of making a cute little outfit for my unborn niece.  When the niecy turned out to be a nephew, I knew I could still put this fabric to good use.  Here's a peek at the yummy inside of the bag:

My bait for tomorrow morning is this cute little octopus:

  I'll let you know if it is sufficient incentive to get me (the morning slug) out of bed. 

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  1. How can a knitted octopus be a "common octopus"? Hey, check out these other swell octopodes: http://aardvarkartglass.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/the-amazing-goddamn-octopus/