Dog is my co-pilot

TinyD, Isaac and I roadtripped to see our dear ones in Greenville this weekend.  As always, Tiny Dog rode shotgun.  It was a blustery Sunday so we had a spectacular view:

Here's something I learned while in Greenville.  Steve and Amanda get up butt early.  I mean, you can't even call it morning when they get up.  They wake up before even the baby does, which to me is so incomprehensible as to leave me stuttering and stupid.  The thing is, it's all part of their plan.  Those two excel at planning, and somehow, the painfully early start to their day makes it possible for them both to take classes, teach classes, and do the baby-care without having to put their wee one in daycare.  I bow low before them, reigning royalty of the pre-morn.

Isaac and I rose much later, when the baby was already awake and giggling.  We lay abed for quite a while, I snoozing and Isaac keeping me company nearby.  Isaac has learned over the years to take advantage of my drowsy confusion.  He knows how to time his more outlandish requests for that time when I am least likely to refuse.  He'll ask, "Mom, can I have a cupcake for breakfast?"  and I, in my morning haze say, "Sure...ummm...what?...wait!"  But all he hears is the "Sure."  He also knows how to beat a hasty retreat while simultaneously feigning deafness.  Here he is this morning, playing video games in bed, something I have no memory of giving permission for.  Also notice how we are setting a bad example for the baby cousin:

Here's another picture of those cute early bird cousins.  Isaac is teaching Julian to count to ten and Julian is teaching Isaac that babies don't care about counting:

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