Isaac's Home!!

Yep, you heard it right -- Isaac's home! Seth took him on a 10-day trip to Minnesota to visit the grandparents, the greats, the aunts and the great aunts, uncles and great uncles, cousins and second cousins -- you get the picture.  I hear that fun was had by all of the cousins, but that it was rowdy fun and I probably wouldn't have liked it.  "And why not?" I protested, "I like fun!"  Isaac said, no, not this kind of fun -- wedgies and noogies and rug burns and headlocks.  Then I remembered that there isn't a single female cousin amongst all of those Minnesota offspring.  Not for generations and generations.  "Oh," I said, "you're probably right."  Some things really are best left to the Minnesotans.

When I asked Isaac what he wanted to do for the evening of his homecoming, he said "Eat macncheese and play battleship."  So, behold, macncheese and battleship:

You may have noticed that I haven't yet mentioned my morning.  This, after all, being a blog about getting up in the morning.  (By the way, I was informed today by a coworker that, due to the rather limited topic I have chosen to blog about, I do not technically have a blog, but rather a microblog.  I feel oddly insulted by that.  But I digress.)  Guys, it was sooooooo hard to get up this morning.  It's not really an issue of being tired anymore.  Hasn't been since Isaac grew out of his terrible twos (well, throw in the threes for good measure).  Not since I finished writing my last word of my last assignment in graduate school.  I've learned how to put myself to bed on time.  My problem is that the bed is such a comfy, safe, warm, welcoming (did I mention safe?) place to stay.  It is the coziest place to hide from all of the big things that scare me.  Big things like ANNUAL REVIEWS and FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and MEAN PEOPLE and GROWING OLD ALONE.  I know, dramatic.  But that's how all things seem when you are ignoring them in bed. 

So, in today's round of Rachel vs. The Morning, The Morning tromped up one side and down the other of my puny self.  Luckily, we get to go another round tomorrow.  And I've got a feeling that I might kick up a fuss this time.  Kick a little Morning butt this time.

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  1. Some woman named Julie wrote a microblog about some cookbook and they turned it into a movie. Microblogs are GOOD.