Let it Snow

It's a white, white world

We don't see mornings like this very often in north carolina.  It started last night as I drove home from work and all appearences indicate it did not let up while I slept.  We have drifts!  Drifts, I say! The little dog is fearless -- his legs are too short to walk in the stuff, so he leaps through it.  It adds an element of joy to his morning business.

I'm guessing we got 6 inches? 8 inches? My coop-mucking boots kept me dry but not warm.  Actually, from head to toe, I was sorely underdressed for the weather. But the chickies needed to be fed and watered! I'm wishing for some of those insulated Carhart bibbies my brother is so fond of.

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  1. I love the photo montage of your dog. Sooo adorable!!